• This night aerial, June 24, 2014, file photo, shows the illuminated Arena Pantanal where Japan and Colombia met up for their group C World Cup soccer match, in Cuiaba, Brazil. Two documentaries recently screened in Brazil on 2015, argue that hosting the World Cup was detrimental to the South American powerhouse. Taxpayers, the films show, ended up stuck with the bill for stadiums that cost several times their initial estimates. Some were built in cities such as the remote agricultural capital of Cuiaba, which does not have a first-division soccer team. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana, File)

    New films scrutinize Brazil’s World Cup legacy

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Last year’s World Cup in Brazil may have been the “cup of cups” for soccer fans, but for Brazilian taxpayers, who forked out some $11.5 billion for the month-long tournament, its legacy has proven negative, according to two new films.

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  • 2016 Olympic equestrian events may not be held in Brazil

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The equestrian events for next year’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro might have to take place outside Brazil, the head of the country’s equestrian confederation has warned.

  • 2016 Olympic equestrian event may not be held in Brazil

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The head of the Brazilian Equestrian Confederation has warned that equestrian events at next year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics might have to take place outside Brazil.

  • In this July 28, 2015 file photo, children play in a water fountain next to Olympic rings at Madureira Park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Some foreign ticket buyers for next year's Rio Olympics are paying higher prices than they should, failing to benefit from the steep decline in the value of the Brazilian currency against the dollar. (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo, File)

    Rio Olympics cutting costs with Brazil deep in recession

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Olympic organizers, faced with the reality of a country deep in recession, are trimming costs to keep their budget balanced.