• Kuwaiti with Gulf plates nabbed for 1,645 driving violations

    KUWAIT CITY (AP) — A Kuwaiti driver who apparently thought having license plates from another Gulf country would help avoid more than 1,600 traffic citations has been hit with a huge fine.

  • Police: Informant eats heroin she bought undercover for cops

    ALTOONA, Pa. (AP) — Police say a Pennsylvania woman has eaten some of the heroin she bought while working as an undercover informant for investigators.

  • Man of Steal? Cops say Superman shirt was suspect’s undoing

    UPPER DARBY, Pa. (AP) — Police in the Philadelphia suburbs say the Man of Steal was undone by his Superman T-shirt.

  • Correction: Loose Emu story

    BOW, N.H. (AP) — In a story Sept. 28 about the return of an emu that had been on the loose in New Hampshire, The Associated Press reported erroneously the job of a man who took the bird back to Vermont. Kermit Blackwood is the curator at Taft Hill Farm, not the owner of the emu.

  • Philly police say suspect got manicure, robbed nail salon

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Police are seeking a robbery suspect with nice nails.

  • Florida couple invites strangers to crash their wedding

    FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Inspired by the popular movie “Wedding Crashers”, a Florida couple is actually asking strangers to crash their wedding next month.

  • A monkey that escaped its owner’s home sits on a curb drinking water that Sanford police officers offered it as a distraction after they responded to a call that a monkey was eating mail out of a maibox in Sanford, Fla., Monday, Sept. 28, 2015. The monkey named Zeek, was eventually caught when his owner returned home a short time later.  (Sanford Police Department via AP )

    Monkey has fun on the loose in Orlando suburb

    SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — A monkey that escaped its owner’s home in an Orlando, Florida, suburb chewed on its neighbors’ mail, pulled molding off a police car and rocked back and forth on a street sign.

  • Polish military experts arrive at a spot in in southwestern Poland where a Nazi train missing since World War II could be located in Walbrzych, Poland, on Monday Sept. 28, 2015. Chemical, radiation and explosives experts are checking the site to exclude any danger for local residents. The work is scheduled to run from Monday through Saturday. (AP Photo/Natalia Dobryszycka)

    Polish army checks site of alleged tunnel with Nazi train

    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — The Polish military on Monday deployed chemical, radiation and explosives experts to a site in southwestern Poland where a Nazi train allegedly missing since World War II could be located.

  • In this photo taken Thursday, Sept. 24, 2015, U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, D-Pa., drinks from a glass of water that Pope Francis used during his speech to Congress, while standing in Brady's Washington office. As Pope Francis left the chamber Thursday, Brady, who is Roman Catholic, headed to the lectern to retrieve the pontiff's drinking glass. (Stan White/U.S. Rep. Bob Brady's office via AP)

    Congressman grabs drinking glass used by pope, takes sip

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Pope Francis wasn’t the only person to drink from the glass of water he used during his speech to Congress. An enterprising Democratic congressman from Philadelphia also took a sip.