• In this May 10, 2016 photo, a police officer holds up a marker that identifies a variety of coca called "Boliviana Rosa" in an experimental coca field at Los Pijaos police training base in San Luis, Colombia, where procedures and equipment are tested against coca growers’ ever-changing techniques. Amid rising cocaine production, Colombia is being forced to rethink its anti-drug strategy again, taking into account the possibility of a more stable future now that the government has reached a cease-fire deal with rebels that will take effect once a final accord is signed, probably in the coming weeks. If and when that happens, the military is hopeful it will be able to shift its energy and resources from fighting rebels to pursuing top drug traffickers. (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara)

    Coca’s comeback forces Colombia to rethink drug war

    ESPINAL, Colombia (AP) — Explosives experts wearing heavy body armor light a fuse and take cover behind a concrete-reinforced trench. “Fire in the area!” a commando shouts before a deafening blast ricochets across the Andean foothills and sends a plume of brown smoke 30 meters (100 feet) high.