• This image released by TBS shows Wyatt Cenac in a scene from "People of Earth," premiering on Oct. 31. (Jan Thijs/TBS via AP)

    12 TV series to watch this fall

    NEW YORK (AP) — The fall television season has been an annual rite since viewers were splitting their time between the trio of networks on their black-and-white TVs.

  • This image released by ABC shows Daniel Sunjata, left, and Piper Perabo in a scene from "Notorious," premiering on Sept. 22. (Eli Joshua Ade/ABC via AP)

    Cast a wide net among channels when sampling new fall shows

    NEW YORK (AP) — The fall TV season always marks a reset of sorts, signaling an influx of new shows and a respite from reruns. That’s the way it’s been since TV began, back when there were only three or four networks and dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Well, almost.