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Savers beware: Fees may be shrinking your 401(k)

In this Sept. 24, 2013 photo, freshly-cut stacks of $100 bills make their way down the line at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing Western Currency Facility in Fort Worth, Texas. The average 401(k) fee _ a modest-sounding 1 percent _ can wipe $70,000 out of the typical retirement account compared with lower-cost plans that are widely available, according to a new study by a Washington think tank. (AP Photo/LM Otero, File)

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s the silent enemy in our retirement accounts: High fees.

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Fund manager Q&A: Expect less from bonds

NEW YORK (AP) — Bonds aren’t doomed.

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Tax refund fraud is a big frustration for victims

In this April 10, 2014 photo Laura Hankins sits with the paperwork in West Milwaukee that she needed to go through to help her 19-year-old daughter with her federal returns after finding out that someone using her name had already filed for a refund. It took Laura about 20 hours to fill out forms, gather information and photocopy documents because her daughter, Claire Hankins, couldn’t file electronically after the tax identity theft was discovered.  (AP Photo/Carrie Antlfinger)

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Laura Hankins knew something was wrong when she filed her daughter’s tax return and it was rejected hours later: An identity thief already had sent in a return using the 19-year-old’s personal information.

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