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Movie shot in Mexico City takes on Trotsky’s assassination

In this April 22, 2015 photo, British stage veteran Henry Goodman, who plays the part of Leon Trotsky, sips water before a press conference on the set of the film "El Elegido," or "The Chosen," in Mexico City. The plot to assassinate Leon Trotsky, the Soviet revolutionary-turned-exiled dissident, in Mexico City in 1940, is at the heart of "El Elegido" ("The Chosen"), an upcoming movie that's set to wrap shooting in this capital in the coming days. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

MEXICO CITY (AP) — It’s a tale of love, betrayal and history’s most famous murder by ice pick.

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Chinese tennis player Li Na’s life story to become a film

CANNES, France (AP) — Chinese filmmaker Peter Ho-Sun Chan is making a movie about Li Na, the country’s biggest tennis star.

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Nun who kissed Elvis helps answer abbey’s prayers

In this Friday, May 15, 2015 photo, Mother Dolores Hart holds a baby sheep at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, in Bethlehem, Conn. Mother Dolores, a former actress who is best known for sharing the first on-screen kiss with Elvis Presley, has helped the Abbey which is in need of renovations gain exposure and aid from fans of Presley. (AP Photo/Jessica Hill)

BETHLEHEM, Conn. (AP) — Mother Dolores Hart finds it miraculous that she was able to turn one kiss with Elvis Presley into the spark that helped save an abbey.

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Love blossoms, wanes in Sarah Polley’s ‘Waltz’

In this Sept. 11, 2011 photo, director-screenwriter-actress Sarah Polley poses for a portrait during the 36th Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.  (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)

TORONTO (AP) — Sarah Polley’s getting an earful from reporters asking her just how autobiographical the marital breakup is in her latest film, “Take This Waltz.” The writer-director’s answer: It’s not autobiographical at all.

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