• Austria cracks down on Turkish citizens with 2 passports

    VIENNA (AP) — With his rich Tyrolean accent, Mehmet Altin appears to be a native of the alpine Austrian province. But the campground operator who moved to a sleepy mountain village decades ago could lose his adopted country’s citizenship, along with potentially thousands of others targeted by a crackdown on immigrants illegally holding both Turkish and Austrian passports.

  • Ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio to defend reputation at criminal trial

    PHOENIX (AP) — The political career of Joe Arpaio ended last year when the six-term sheriff of metro Phoenix known for cracking down on illegal immigration and housing inmates in tents outside in the desert heat was trounced in an election that focused on his own legal troubles.

  • Detroit judge halts deportation of Iraqi Christians

    DETROIT (AP) — A judge on Thursday temporarily halted the deportation of more than 100 Iraqi Christians living in the Detroit area who fear torture and possible death if sent back to Iraq.

  • Immigration issue delays IndyCar’s Mikhail Aleshin in France

    ELKHART LAKE, Wis. (AP) — IndyCar driver Mikhail Aleshin has been held up in France by immigration issues and will not arrive back in the United States in time for practice Friday at Road America.

  • Young immigrants write of hope in gang-scarred US town

    BRENTWOOD, N.Y. (AP) — One student wrote how his parents were fed up with paying “war taxes” to street gangs in Honduras. Another told how he finally left that country after he was hit in the leg by a stray bullet from a police gunfight. And yet another described his harrowing trip from El Salvador with a smuggler who kept a pistol on his car’s dashboard, just in case.

  • Can Kumail Nanjiani’s love story save the romantic comedy?

    NEW YORK (AP) — Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon made tweaks here and there to the autobiographical “The Big Sick,” a romantic comedy based on their own extraordinary romance. But the most unbelievable things are 100-percent true.

  • Texas companies tie worker shortages to immigration fears

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Though construction is in high demand in Texas’ booming capital city, Oscar Martinez’s drywall company is suddenly struggling.

  • Kurdish man with minor record fights deportation from US

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Kurdish man who appears to have only minor convictions woke up to a knock on the door of his Tennessee home a week ago and was whisked away for deportation as part of a roundup of Iraqi nationals.