• US immigration judge grants asylum to Singapore teen blogger

    CHICAGO (AP) — A blogger from Singapore who was jailed for his online posts blasting his government was granted asylum to remain in the United States, an immigration judge ruled.

  • LAPD: Latinos report fewer sex crimes amid immigration fears

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The police chief of Los Angeles, a city that is half Latino, found himself in the middle of the national immigration debate on Wednesday after saying there’s a correlation between the Trump administration’s call for stiffer immigration policies and a drop in the number of Hispanics reporting sexual abuse and domestic violence.

  • Naan starter: UK curry restaurants feel betrayed by Brexit

    LONDON (AP) — Mohammed-Faizul Haque makes it all look so easy.

  • Cities, sheriffs find flaws in US immigration detainer list

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Several city officials and sheriffs around the U.S. lashed out Tuesday at a White House report aiming to shame them over what the Trump administration sees as lax immigration policies, saying it includes wrong or misleading information about recent arrests of immigrants or their jail policies.

  • A talk with Jimmy Breslin, New York’s “New Yorkiest” writer

    NEW YORK (AP) — In May 2002, Associated Press National Writer Jerry Schwartz interviewed the famously blunt-yet-lyric author and columnist Jimmy Breslin about his life and work. Breslin died Sunday at age 88. The following story was originally published on May 25, 2002:

  • Trump escapes the Beltway as challenges mount

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — President Donald Trump is returning to the road, rallying supporters to recapture the enthusiasm of his campaign and reassuring them about his tumultuous early days in the White House.

  • EU citizens in UK anxiously seek security before Brexit

    LONDON (AP) — Sam Schwarzkopf, a German neuroscientist at University College London, was startled to receive a letter from the British government telling him that his application for permanent residence had been rejected and he should prepare to leave the U.K.