• In Virginia’s Trump country, low enthusiasm for Republican

    POUND, Va. (AP) — People in Virginia’s coal country still love President Donald Trump, but not his pick to be their next governor.

  • After election win, Abe prioritizes North Korea, aging Japan

    TOKYO (AP) — Fresh off a decisive election victory, Japan’s leader pledged Monday to tackle what he called Japan’s two national crises: the military threat from North Korea and an aging and shrinking population.

  • McConnell says he’s awaiting Trump guidance on health care

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — President Donald Trump warned House Republicans on Sunday that 2018 would be a political failure for the GOP and disappointment for the nation if they fail on tax overhaul.

  • Trump voting commission criticized for lack of transparency

    President Donald Trump’s advisory commission on election integrity has integrity questions of its own — with some of its own members raising concerns about its openness.

  • No joke: Political humorist Jimmy Tingle running for office

    BOSTON (AP) — Though Jimmy Tingle has long made biting political humor a staple of his stand-up routines, he insists his dive into Massachusetts politics is anything but comic relief.

  • Exit polls show win for Japanese PM Abe’s ruling coalition

    TOKYO (AP) — Exit polls indicated Sunday that Japanese voters have returned Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition to power in national elections.

  • Voter advocates push Illinois to exit multistate database

    CHICAGO (AP) — Voter rights advocates are pushing Illinois election officials to withdraw from a longtime multistate voter registration database over questions of accuracy, security and voter suppression.

  • Japan votes: Incumbent PM Abe appears headed to victory

    TOKYO (AP) — Media polls indicate Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition will handily win a general election Sunday, possibly even retaining its two-thirds majority in the more powerful lower house of parliament.

  • Trump daughter-in-law becomes face of re-election effort

    NEW YORK (AP) — An image of an American flag waves and the graphic promises “Real News Update.” The re-election campaign of President Donald Trump, already sprung to life two-and-a-half years before his name is back on the ballot, is pushing its own online news source to counteract what it believes is an oppositional media.

  • George R.R. Martin mixes business, politics at film forum

    SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Author and film producer George R. R. Martin waded into the politics of movie-industry tax breaks on Thursday while endorsing a prominent Democratic candidate for governor of New Mexico.