• An officer and a refugee: New policeman straddles worlds

    In this Dec. 6, 2016 photo, Abdesselam Baddaoui studies in his class at the police station, where he is one of the newest members of the department, in Manchester, N.H. Baddaoui came to the U.S. as a refugee, born in Algeria and lived in Syria and Lebanon before moving to Manchester. Manchester joins a handful of cities nationwide, mostly much larger, where police departments are specifically recruiting refugees amid a political climate in which some quarters accuse them of taking jobs or, in the case of Muslims, posing a potential security threat. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

    MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Soon after arriving in New Hampshire as a teenager, Abdesselam Baddaoui met two fellow refugees who accidentally ended up involved in a criminal case because, after being instructed about domestic violence laws, the wife mistakenly believed she had to call police any time she and her husband argued.