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Senators stage their own ‘Survivor’ show

In this photo provided by the Discovery Channel,  U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., left and Martin Heinrich, D-N.M. attempt to start a fire while surviving on a remote Eru island, part of the Marshall Islands for Discovery Channel’s Rival Survival. Two U.S. senators from opposite sides of the political aisle spent a week marooned together on a remote island for a new reality show, "Rival Survival." (AP Photo/Discovery Channel)

NEW YORK (AP) — Jeff Flake and Martin Heinrich were willing to go to great lengths to prove that a Democratic and Republican U.S. senator could work together.

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Logo doing pop culture from 2 perspectives

NEW YORK (AP) — The Logo TV network wants to explore how a gay and straight man look at pop culture differently.

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