• Japan bans entry of foreign visitors as omicron spreads

    BRUSSELS (AP) — Taking an act-now-ask-questions-later approach, countries around the world slammed their doors shut again to try to keep the new omicron variant at bay Monday as more cases of the mutant coronavirus emerged and scientists raced to figure out just how dangerous it might be.

    Updated: 10:13 am

  • Doctor: Many South Africans ill in surge have mild symptoms

    JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africa’s rapid increase in COVID-19 cases attributed to the new omicron variant is resulting in mostly mild symptoms, doctors say.

  • Food, gas prices pinch families as inflation surges globally

    BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — From appliance stores in the United States to food markets in Hungary and gas stations in Poland, rising consumer prices fueled by high energy costs and supply chain disruptions are putting a pinch on households and businesses worldwide.

    Updated: 7:21 am

  • Swedes elect 1st female PM — for the 2nd time in a week

    COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Magdalena Andersson, who last week was Sweden’s first female prime minister for a few hours before resigning because a budget defeat made a coalition partner quit, was on elected again on Monday as the Nordic nation’s head of government.

  • Frank Williams, founder of Formula One team, dies at 79

    LONDON (AP) — Frank Williams, the founder and former team principal of Formula One’s Williams Racing, has died. He was 79.

  • EXPLAINER: What is this new COVID variant in South Africa?

    GENEVA (AP) — The World Health Organization says it could still take some time to get a full picture of the threat posed by omicron, a new variant of the coronavirus as scientists worldwide scramble to assess its multiple mutations.

    Updated: 6:02 am

  • Honduran election could oust long-ruling National party

    TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) — Leftist opposition candidate Xiomara Castro held a commanding lead early Monday as Hondurans appeared poised to remove the conservative National Party from power after 12 years of continuous rule.

    Updated: 5:42 am

  • EXPLAINER: Can world powers curb Iran in new nuclear talks?

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Can the landmark 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers be restored? As Iran and six global powers gather in Vienna Monday to discuss the tattered treaty, the answer appears to be no.

    Updated: 11:57 pm

  • Interfaith love a risk amid India’s Hindu nationalist surge

    BELAGAVI, India (AP) — Arbaz Mullah’s love story began, as romances often do, when he first laid eyes on the woman of his dreams, Shweta Kumbhar.

  • Australia confirms 2 omicron cases as travel curbs tighten

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus popped up in countries on opposite sides of the world Sunday and many governments rushed to close their borders even as scientists cautioned that it’s not clear if the new variant is more alarming than other versions of the virus.