• Global stocks higher after weak US jobs, economic data

    U.S. stock indexes ended a choppy day of trading little changed Friday, though the S&P 500 finished with its first weekly loss in three weeks.

  • Facebook makes a power move in Australia – and may regret it

    For years, Facebook has been in a defensive crouch amid a slew of privacy scandals, antitrust lawsuits and charges that it was letting hate speech and extremism destroy democracy. Early Thursday, though, it abruptly pivoted to take the offensive in Australia, where it lowered the boom on publishers and the government with a sudden decision to block news on its platform across the entire country.

  • Massive breach fuels calls for US action on cybersecurity

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Jolted by a sweeping hack that may have revealed government and corporate secrets to Russia, U.S. officials are scrambling to reinforce the nation’s cyber defenses and recognizing that an agency created two years ago to protect America’s networks and infrastructure lacks the money, tools and authority to counter such sophisticated threats.

  • Doctors race to find, vaccinate vulnerable homebound people

    A group of health care workers hurried out of a Boston hospital on a recent weekday morning, clutching small red coolers filled with COVID-19 vaccines.

  • UK’s top court rejects Uber appeal, says drivers are workers

    LONDON (AP) — Uber drivers in Britain are entitled to benefits like paid holidays and minimum wage, the country’s top court ruled Friday, in a decision that threatens the company’s business model and holds broad implications for the gig economy.

  • Texas governor’s biggest donors: Energy industry that failed

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — As frozen Texas reels under one of the worst electricity outages in U.S. history, Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has blamed grid operators and iced-over wind turbines but gone easier on another culprit: an oil and gas industry that is the state’s dominant business and his biggest political contributor.

  • Nonprofits step up to protect fertility for cancer patients

    Roshni Kamta remembers that spring day two years ago when she left for work on her usual crowded New York City subway line, carrying precious cargo. Inside the light white bag, which she stored inside the refrigerator at work, were her egg freezing supplies — syringes and the hormone medications she would inject into her body at work to maintain her medicating schedule.

  • Widespread power outages, icy conditions hobble food supply

    A series of winter storms and widespread power outages gripping Texas and other states not used to such extreme low temperatures are creating big challenges in the nation’s food supply networks.

  • Power outages linger for millions as another icy storm looms

    AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Power was restored to more homes and businesses Thursday in states hit by a deadly blast of winter that overwhelmed the electrical grid and left millions shivering in the cold this week. But the crisis was far from over in parts of the South, where many people still lacked safe drinking water.

  • How major US stock indexes fared Thursday

    Stocks closed lower on Wall Street Thursday as more discouraging data on jobless claims and higher bond yields gave investors little reason to keep pushing the market higher.