One of the first words that comes to mind when heading off to the fair is food. There are so many vendors and places to choose from its hard to decide where to start first. A popular spot that most people like to hit is the Kitchen Mama’s. Located in the kitchen area of the Eddy County Fairgrounds Community Center, these ladies have a full fledged operation taking place. They carry everything from burritos, hamburgers, and sandwiches to delicious banana nut bread, candy, and the ever popular and quick-selling “puppy chow.”
Mary Karr said this is her 17th year working at the fair. She began in the Eddy County Extension Homemaker’s Club, but after losing several Home Economists, decided to branch off and start her own gig: hence the Kitchen Mama’s was born. Now in its 5th year of operation, Mary explained that she began in a small booth and had to go home every night to bake all her goodies, bringing  them back the next day to start all over again. Growing tired of all the back and forth work, she was able to move the Kitchen Mama’s into the Community Center where she and the other ladies now have access to a full functioning kitchen and can do all their cooking and baking right there on the spot. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.