Daily Press Staff Writer
To keep everyone up to speed, Smith Engineering Project Engineer Scott Hicks gave a brief presentation on the phasing plans for the reconstruction of North 13th Street to the Artesia City Council Tuesday night.
The construction of North 13th Street, the first step in the city’s Infrastructure Recovery Plan, will be broken up into four phases: Phase One will concentrate on the section of 13th Street between Eagle Draw and Main Street; Phase Two will focus on the street between Eagle Draw and Artesia General Hospital’s entrance; Phase Three will take place from the hospital’s entrance to Richey Avenue; and Phase Four will center entirely around the intersection of Richey Avenue and 13th Street. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
Originally, Smith Engineering considered starting the project in reverse, with the intersection at Richey Avenue and 13th Street being Phase One; however, due to the way in which water flows north of Eagle Draw, the plan was reversed.