Daily Press Staff Writer
In roughly two weeks, Eddy County Sheriff Scott London said the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force (PVDTF) will begin broadening its scope and adding more manpower in the fight against illegal drugs.
In collaboration with Eddy County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Mark Cage and PVDTF Commander Carroll Caudill, London said a plan was drafted in the hopes of accomplishing “the three R’s”: recruit/renew, restructure and refocus. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
A major step in the plan involves adding new members to PVDTF. Currently, the drug task force is made up of six officers: a commander, a sergeant and three agents from ECSO, and a Carlsbad Police Department agent. The new plan will bolster PVDTF’s numbers to potentially nine members. An officer from both the Artesia and Carlsbad Police Departments will be added and, contingent upon manning levels, a member from both the Loving Police Department and Adult Probation and Parole.
London said he anticipates the APD to select one of their officers for the PVDTF by next week.
After “recruiting” and “restructuring,” London said the plan will “refocus” PVDTF’s aim from mainly investigating drug suppliers to seeking out street dealers.