Heartland Care Center HKauffman

Hope Kauffman, 63 Novie Stearman, 71

Hope Kauffman, 63 – Top
Novie Stearman, 71 – Bottom

Daily Press Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 5, was a grand day for Novie Stearman, turning 71 years old, and Hope Kauffman, turning 63.
The two ladies – Kauffman with a glowing smile and Stearman, crying happy tears – were presented with flowers, cake and cards at the Heartland Care Center for their birthdays. It was impeccable timing, as Victory Life Fellowship was in attendance for an a cappella praise and worship hour and was able to sing “Happy Birthday” to the pair. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
Amy Christiansen and the Heartland staff expressed the love and adoration that grows with their job as they become attached to the Heartland residents. The staff is adamant about making their residents’ everyday a great day but strive to make birthdays extra special, doing their utmost to make them memorable by providing the best possible birthday parties on the little funds available.