Daily Press Staff Writer
Wendell Lovelis and Jason McDonald are among 13 budding fans of remote control airplanes, helicopters, nitro cars and trucks.

The hobbyists share the interest of the RC sport, some dating back to childhood days. Lovelis and McDonald demonstrate the art of the sport and are ready to flip the landing gear or flaps and ramp up speed.

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“You are never too young or old to have mutual interests for hobbies,” they say.
The group seeks to bring back the popular sport of model RC flight and race, encouraging family and community involvement. Any sponsorship involvement is also welcomed. Passion for the sport spoke loudly of the group’s intent to coordinate members and introduce the sport to the youth of Artesia.
The two men have coordinated with City Councilor Raul Rodriguez, who serves on the Recreation Commission, and the three have defined a well-structured plan to make the vision happen.