For the Daily Press
Meet LENK, a unique-to-Artesia organization of high school juniors and seniors who were selected for potential leadership skills.

The acronym LENK stands for Ladies Élan & New Knights. Students were admitted into this group through three adult recommendations from a community leader, a teacher, counselor, coach or principal, or a youth director or pastor. These recommendations cannot be solicited, so it is a great honor to be randomly proposed by three individuals.

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Over the past five years, the activities of LENK have included exercises in leadership, decision making, coping with peer pressure, community volunteerism, moral commitment, etiquette training, and goal-setting endeavors. The students practice these skills through a variety of activities ranging from ropes courses and odyssey of the mind problem-solving to dance cotillions, benevolence baskets for the underprivileged, and care packages for the New Mexico military stationed overseas.
LENK’s current project is the result of canvassing major universities across the nation to ascertain what might set them apart as exemplary in both personal expertise and resume composition. Fourteen of the universities concurred that students who create and run a small business would definitely elevate application status in addition to serving as great life experiences.