Daily Press Staff Writer
Resulting from efforts made by the City of Artesia’s Parks Department to improve the community parks, Parks Foreman Tammy Crocker said the department will begin a new push to enforce the city’s leash laws and ordinances for cleaning up after canines.

“There have been a lot of dogs running around through our parks,” Crocker said. “Usually, the owners are with them or at least nearby and just let them run loose. As everybody knows, the city does have a leash law in place, and with the parks getting busier and busier, I just want to make sure that everyone is safe.”

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The two ordinances Crocker referred to are 5-2A-6A and 5-2A-6G. Ordinance 5-2A-6A states that any animal running unrestrained in an area where they are not permitted to do so may be taken and impounded. Regardless of whether the animal is actually impounded, a citation can be issued to the owner.
Ordinance 5-2A-6G states that “no person shall allow an animal to defecate upon public or private property other than the property of the owner of the animal without immediately removing and disposing of the feces.”