Daily Press Staff Writer
By passing a resolution during Tuesday’s commission meeting authorizing the county manager, general services director and the Eddy County floodplain manager to execute and endorse plats for exemption on behalf of the county, the Eddy County Commission essentially gave permission for two more Verizon cell phone towers to be constructed in Artesia.
As Eddy County General Services Director William Morris told the commission, the first Verizon cell tower will be built at 13 E. Blevins Road, right off of Seven Rivers Highway. Morris said neighbors adjacent to the property have been contacted, and the county received no negative feedback. The tower will be 154 feet in height. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
The second tower will be located at 9875-2 Hope Highway, or roughly six miles west of the Artesia Municipal Airport. It will be 199 feet high, one foot less than the maximum height for a cell phone tower.
Originally, Morris said Verizon was hoping to construct the Hope Highway tower closer to the city, but the Federal Aviation Administration had objections to its placement in relation to the airport.