Daily Press Staff Writer

The Artesia City Council passed two ordinances relating to Yates Farms, another pertaining to the Trilogy Subdivision, and officially became the fiscal agent for any legislative funds for the 7024U Outreach Program at Tuesday’s meeting.

Presented by Community Development Director Tina Torres, the council first considered some proposed changes to the Trilogy Subdivision. The owner of the land, Tom DuBose, managing member of the Pecos Valley Development LLC, filed a petition to split one larger parcel of land into three parcels. One parcel will be sold to build a new senior care facility, another will house a retention pond, and the last one will be sold off.

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As Torres explained, because of the city’s subdivision regulations pertaining to the construction of public infrastructure, the council could only approve a preliminary plat, wherein the city gets a general idea of what will be constructed but the property cannot be sold just yet. Within a year’s time, the potential seller has to bring in infrastructure construction plans and fulfill a financial guarantee to ensure the property will have proper infrastructure in place before it is sold.

The council unanimously approved the ordinance.