ARTESIA — A 1-year-old dog is doing well after being found in the 1200 block of Washington Avenue with severe injuries.
The American Pit Bull terrier, Amato, was found with fresh puncture wounds on his face, a torn tear duct, a torn eyelid, bitten off ears and an unprofessionally amputated right rear foot. He was taken into Artesia Animal Control custody earlier this month. After being professionally treated at local veterinarian clinics, Amato is now living in foster care in central Colorado. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
Investigators and animal care specialists believe that, due to the nature of his wounds, Amato was involved in a dog fighting ring. People who train dogs to fight commit such acts as making one dog weaker than another in order to train a certain dog to act aggressively. This is often referred to as a bait dog. These are criminal acts and are punishable under New Mexico state statute.