ARTESIA — Maddy Deerman, a 12-year-old cowgirl from Hope, was the high money winner at Joe Beaver’s Inaugural Junior Superstars Roping in Stephensville, Texas.
The event, held over Labor Day weekend, featured 110 male and female ropers competing for cash and prizes in the 12-and-under breakaway calf roping. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.
In the first round, Deerman roped her calf in 2.2 seconds and won $435. She won an additional $550 in the second round when she roped her calf in 2.01 seconds. She drew a speedy calf in the third round, roping him in 4.49 seconds to earn a spot in the final, a championship round consisting of the 10 ropers with the fastest times on three head of calves.
Going into the final, Deerman was the second-high callback with a total time of 8.72 seconds and won $345 by roping her calf in 2.3 seconds. With a total time of 11.10 seconds on four head, she took second place in the average and earned an additional $828.
For her efforts, Deerman, the daughter of Brook and Joley Deerman, took home a paycheck totaling $2,158 and numerous prizes.