• MMA Weigh In_111125_0023

    Xavier Valenzuela, fighting in the 185-pound division, weighs in at the Family Fitness Center in Artesia. Valenzuela, covered by a sheet, shed every article of clothing to reduce his weight as much as possible before stepping on the scale.

  • MMA Weigh In_111125_0019

    Professional fighters Andres Quintana of Roswell (left) and Xavier Estrada of Lubbock, Texas pose for pictures after weighing in. Quintana and Estrada fought in the 145-pound main event.

  • MMA 50mm_111126_0015

    Anselmo Martinez wraps the hands of Zach Hernandez of Lubbock, Texas before his 145-pound bout against Dominic Salmon of Artesia. Dominic won the fight.

  • MMA 50mm_111126_0249

    Alex Bonda of Artesia is checked by the official before entering the cage.

  • MMA Wide_111126_0182

    Martin Monrique of Albuquerque (right) performs a teep (a push-kick) against Josh Salmon of Artesia. Monrique won the 155-pound fight.

  • MMA Wide_111126_0293

    Hoby Barrera of Artesia is slammed to the ground by Dusty Devilla of Levelland, Texas. Devilla won the 135-pound fight.

  • MMA 50mm_111126_0321

    Israel Huerta of Roswell, won against Danny Perez of Levelland, Texas in the 205-pound fight.

  • MMA Wide_111126_0384

    Alex Bonda of Artesia embraces his victory against Sunny Martinez of Roswell in the 145-pound fight.

  • MMA Wide_111127_0079

    Quintana and Estrada show respect to one another before starting their fight.

  • MMA Wide_111127_0083

    Estrada throws a succession of punches at Quintana.

  • MMA 50mm_111126_0437

    Quintana attempts a rear-naked choke with a body lock trapping Estrada’s arm.

  • MMA 50mm_111126_0454

    Andres Quintana of Roswell knees Xavier Estrada of Lubbock, Texas. Quintana won the 145-pound main event fight.

  • MMA Wide_111127_0110

    Quintana is congratulated by his coaches after winning the fight against Estrada.