Daily Press Staff Writer

The City of Artesia is working on a plan to get facilities and programs up to American Disabilities Act code in time for the state-mandated Aug. 15 deadline.

The ADA, enacted in 1992, gives civil rights protection to those with disabilities. Most are likely familiar with the ADA in new construction; handicapped parking spaces, ramps into buildings, levers on doors (as opposed to knobs) all make tasks easier to handle for people with disabilities.

Because of the state deadline, the city is required to do a self-evaluation of its buildings and programs to ensure they are accessible to everyone.

“We are going to create a transition plan,” Tina Torres, community development director, said. “We will list our programs, facilities and deficiencies. It identifies what we’re going to do to correct the deficiencies and the time period it’s going to happen in.” … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.