• AHS Graduation_0023-sfw

    Aron Acosta and Jerry Ortega.

  • AHS Graduation_0035-sfw

    Brittany Clark.

  • AHS Graduation_0040-sfw

    Graduates display thier decorative caps.

  • AHS Graduation_0078-sfw

    Jeremy De La Rosa and Gabriella Corona walk through an archway of palm leaves on the way to their seats for graduation ceremonies.

  • AHS Graduation_0102-sfw

    Henry Rodriguez and Brittany Scee, carrying a callalilly, walk past friends and family members on their way to their seats.

  • AHS Graduation_0108-sfw

    A person in the stands calls out to one of the graduates.

  • AHS Graduation_0123-sfw

    Colton Campbell delivers his speech titled “The Run.”

  • AHS Graduation_0134-sfw

    A tassel hangs from a graduate’s cap.

  • AHS Graduation_0136-sfw

    Christopher Worley delivers his speech titled “The Motions.”

  • AHS Graduation_0162-sfw

    Koby Caton stands to be recognized as a graduate who received highest honors, a 4.0 or greater grade point average.

  • AHS Graduation_0167-sfw

    The sky is filled with color over the graduating class as the sun sets behind them.

  • AHS Graduation_0177-sfw

    Family and friends filled the stands of Bulldog Bowl to witness the 2011 graduating class receive their diplomas. Several family members brought balloons in the shape of letters to spell out their graduates names in the stands.

  • AHS Graduation_0198-sfw

    APS School Board Member Carolyn Shearman delivers a diploma to Elizabeth Lewis.

  • AHS Graduation_0212-sfw

    Assistant Superintendent Dr. Crit Caton delivers a diploma to his son Koby Caton.

  • AHS Graduation_0217-sfw

    APS School Board President Lowell Irby delivers a diploma to Dylan Romine on the field of the Bulldog Bowl.

  • AHS Graduation_0235-sfw

    Coach Cooper Henderson collects tiny pacifiers from graduates as they walk on stage to accept their diplomas.

  • AHS Graduation_0251-sfw

    Emilio Escamilla, above, holds a peace sign in the air as he approaches the stage to receive his diploma Thursday evening.

  • AHS Graduation_0311-sfw

    AHS Principal Thad Phipps, center, recognizes AHS employees Leah Williams, left, and Robin Jackson who will be retiring following the 2011 school year.

  • AHS Graduation_0346-sfw

    Graduates celebrate and toss their caps following the AHS “Alma Mater.”

  • AHS Graduation_0394-sfw

    Jordan Turner celebrates receiving his diploma with a cigar.

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