Daily Press Staff Writer

Principal John Ross Null announced during Monday night’s school board meeting that Artesia Intermediate School will switch to a 10-period school day next year.

“We did a survey with parents, PTO, students and student council,” Null said. “The main concern was the amount of time students have for each class, primarily core subjects, and especially math.”

The change will give students longer periods of time in core subject classes and shorten the length of time they spend in social studies and elective classes, such as advanced choir and athletics. Sixth- and seventh-graders will spend two back-to-back periods each day, a total of 70 minutes, on language arts, math and science. Thirty-five minutes each day will be designated to social studies, P.E. (for sixth-graders), each of the two elective classes, and health/keyboarding (for seventh-graders).

There are currently seven periods in each AIS day; each class is 50 minutes long with the exception of the homeroom period, which is 54 minutes. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.