By Ashley Trujillo
Daily Press Staff Writer

The Artesia Public School Board met on Monday to approve a half-million dollars worth of purchases for the district.

The board unanimously approved Assistant Superintendent Juan Saiz’s request to purchase Vitriturf for Yucca and Roselawn Elementary playgrounds. The rubber turf, which will be installed in areas where there is play equipment, is designed to absorb shock and prevent injury.

The venture isn’t cheap – the district will have to cough up $109,126.33 for Roselawn and $97,754.88 for Yucca.

“I think (avoiding) a broken arm is worth the cost of having this,” Phipps said.

The Vitriturf is already installed at Central Elementary and Grand Heights Early Childhood Development Center. … For the rest of the story, subscribe in print and on the web.