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(Daily Press 1978 File Photo)

Looking back 40, 30 and 20 years ago, the following are excerpts from the Artesia Daily Press from Dec. 10-17.

40 years ago
Dec. 10-17, 1978

Two Artesians are among the 40 “competitive nominees” chosen by U.S. Rep. Harold Runnels for appointment to the four U.S. service academies. Artesia students chosen as nominees to the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs were James E. Gaba and Randall R. Teel.


The Artesia Bulldogs captured their 10th state football title and fourth in the last five years with a 13-0 win over Bloomfield in a game played Sunday in Bulldog Bowl, and Coach Mike Phipps got a ride from his players in celebration. Phipps credited his coaching staff and players as deserving all of the glory as the Bulldogs pulled off one of the greatest comebacks ever by rebounding from a 1-3 start to win the championship.


If anyone is in the market for a slightly used police station, including a jail and courtroom, they had better look elsewhere, despite what the sign in front of the old station at Fifth and Main says. The sign, announcing the building was for sale, mysteriously appeared in front of the building Tuesday, but a spokesman for the police department reported the building was not going on the market. The Shearman Agency, whose sign is stuck boldly beside the building, said the company did not know how the sign got there and it was not handling the purported sale.


As reported in the Pinon News: Hollis Munson reported another hole or break in the ground on the old Calvin George homestead filed, west of the old Harbert ranch, and south of Cecil Munson’s ranch. He reported it is about ten feet in diameter and he can see about forty feet down where the opening narrowed between two stones but large enough that a person could get through.

30 years ago
Dec. 10-17, 1988

As reported in the Pinon News: Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Stringfield of Alamogordo came to Avis Thursday night and visited in the Basil Holcomb home a short time. “String” brought some car parts for the Pinon Ranch employees, and Mr. Pat Ramsey and Rickey Bell met him there. They decided to let “String” take the pickup back to Alamogordo to his garage. They also visited a while before returning home. The people of this are were so thankful there were no fires in this area during hunting season, as the grass was high and dry, and the west winds were high and fires all over the area in hunters’ camps.


Tim Allen must be very brave. Here he is, a former All-District and All-State football player of Lovington High School, living in the heart of Bulldogville. Allen admits he converted real fast, especially when he spent a couple of years coaching Bulldogs in the Artesia school system.


“Child’s Play” and “Ernest Saves Christmas” were the featured films of the week at Cinema Twin.

20 years ago
Dec. 10-17, 1998

As reported in the Pinon News: Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Skelton are moving to Pinon from Pine Springs Summer Camp after having been there six years. Ralph plans to be minister for the Church of Christ here in Pinon and the people are so glad. They are moving their things to the rick Kniepkamp ranch to stay until they can get the parsonage remodeled. They came down Saturday and had lunch with Mrs. Oza Holcomb. She enjoyed them so much. Mrs. Margaret Merritt and Rick Kniepkamp went to Artesia Saturday morning and brought back supplies for Mrs. Merritt’s ranch and had lunch with Mrs. Holcomb and Mr. and Mrs. Skelton. They all enjoyed the fellowship together.


Making a career out of helping people is a reward in itself but is especially rewarding when receiving an honor awarded by one’s own peers. Joyce Munoz was honored recently for her work in home health care at the November meeting of the New Mexico Association of Home Care in Albuquerque. Being named “member of the year” came as a surprise. “It was an honor… it was a shock,” Munoz said.


The American Civil Liberties Union is threatening a lawsuit against Eddy County if it doesn’t remove a nativity scene display at the courthouse in Carlsbad. The county said it’s ready to go to court. The five-member Eddy County Commission voted unanimously to keep the image of the Virgin birth outside the southeastern New Mexico courthouse, and county officials say they are willing to go to court over it.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Looking Back was compiled by Daily Press Community Living Editor Teresa Lemon.)