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Looking back 40, 30 and 20 years ago, the following are excerpts from the Artesia Daily Press from Nov. 26 – Dec. 2.

40 years ago
Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 1978

The less said about Friday’s Artesia-Las Vegas Robertson game, the better, The Bulldogs won it and will advance in the state race towards the AAA prep crown, but that was about the only good thing that happened as coach Mike Phipps’ team escaped with a narrow 14-7 win over a team they were heavily favored to beat.


Lt. Cruz Alvarez of the Artesia Police Department has been selected as the city employee of the week by the Daily Press. Alvarez has worked for the city for five years. Prior to coming to Artesia, he was a deputy sheriff, investigator and policeman in Carlsbad. He is currently the Police Explorer Scout advisor. Alvarez and his wife Nellie have four children, Anna, Punky, Danny and Cathy.


As reported in the Pinon News: Wednesday night of last week there fell about four inches of snow in the Avis area, one inch was reported at Weed and Cloudcroft. It made already wet ground very sloppy and the side roads very bad. Roy Holcomb had gathered on Perk Canyon at the mouth of Jim Lewis Canyon. He, with a large trailer and a cattle truck, went there and by hauling some gravel, managed to get the cattle loaded and hauled to Roy’s ranch south of Alamogordo. The storm did not scare many of the hunters, as they were camped along side the roads and some seemed to be going everywhere. One large camper on Perk Canyon was bogged down with the wheels buried until the bottom of the camper was sitting on the ground.


When Santa flies into Artesia with his reindeer Christmas Eve, his sleigh won’t be laden down with trains and rag dolls in muslin dresses. The number one item likely to be in his bag will be Star Wars figures with compute games following close behind, according to Santa’s elves and local merchants. No toy is keeping pace with the Star Wars figures although the whistling Mr. Machine that swallows marble sis in demand and the Hungry Hippo game is making a hit with all age groups, according to Artesia store clerks.


For the second time this year, Fred Cole reached back into his bag of memories to end up with a 14-5 mark to win a check for $10 after netting first place in the daily Press Football Contest. Sixty-five years ago, Cole said, he was playing end for the Artesia Bulldog football team.

30 years ago
Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 1988

If Artesia High School boys’ basketball coach Jim Wilburn hears the term déjà vu one more time, he’ll probably try to have it purged from the language. Déjà vu refers to the illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time. Being a practical-minded basketball coach, Wilburn probably could look at the above definition and come up with a way to defense it. Or at least find a new way for Tucumcari coach Lucky Carter to get a technical foul for violating it. Wilburn starts his 11th season in Artesia this Friday. He returns nine varsity lettermen from last year’s 14-10 team that lost to Portales in the second round of the district tournament. Eight of Wilburn’s returnees are seniors, which puts him in a situation remarkably similar to one he was in two years ago. In 1986 the Bulldogs fielded a talented, senior-laden team. Expectations were high among the players, coach and fans, but a few early-season losses shot down the Bulldogs and they never recovered. It was a long, frustrating year.


As reported in the Pinon News: Mr. and Mrs. Pete Brady of Sacramento have had a number of guests this hunting season among whom was Dr. Robert Blake, a veterinarian from Albuquerque, who, as service to the mountain people, had rabies shots to give to cats and dogs in this area. Mr. and Mrs. Basil Holcomb took their dog to him at the Brady home for shots. It is so hard to take a dog or cat to town for shots, and there are so many rabid skunks reported in the mountains that the people are afraid not to have the shots for their dogs especially.


Artesia will play host to the New Mexico High School Rodeo Association state finals rodeo next year, the first time the city has been chosen to host the prestigious event. Hope resident, Patty Teel, recently went to Albuquerque to present a proposal to have the rodeo in Artesia. Teel said three other cities — Farmington, Gallup and Tucumcari — competed for the opportunity to host the rodeo.

20 years ago
Nov. 26 – Dec. 2, 1998

It was battle of the defenses as the Artesia bulldogs overwhelmed the silver Colts, 34-0, Saturday. A stubborn Colt defense limited the Artesia offense to three touchdowns and produced a flurry of sacks in the second half, while the Bulldog defense scored two of its own touchdowns. But the Colt offense couldn’t mount an attack and left the Silver High stadium scoreless. “It’s great to be back in the state championship game,” said Coach Cooper Henderson. He pointed out the tough Colt defense the Bulldogs faced. “It challenged us,” he said. He praised the Bulldog defense, “When you score on defense, those are big momentum changes.” “We always have high expectations, but I’m’ happy with 34-0. It doesn’t matter who gets the job done.”


As reported in the Pinon News: The ranchers were so happy about the break in the weather. The grass and weeds have been turning green again the past few days. Several of the ranchers have been gathering their cattle, getting ready to ship them to market. The shipped calves and a few sold some cows, among whom were H.A. Stringfield and the Coupland brothers. Jack Coupland had a cow swing her head and hit him in the face hurting his mouth and just missed his eye. He is slowly improving. James Owen Coupland shipped some of his cattle a few days ago. All the mountain people were relieved when hunting season was over.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Looking Back was compiled by Daily Press Community Living Editor Teresa Lemon.)