• Snow Day_0170

    Steam streams across the sky from Navajo Refinery Wednesday afternoon.

  • Snow Day_0157

    A tank battery is backlit by the setting sun.

  • Snow Day_0158

    A tank battery sits on top of a snow-covered hill as the sun briefly sneaks out from behind the clouds Wednesday afternoon.

  • Snow Day_0161

    A pump-jack pumps away east of Artesia.

  • Snow Day_0016

    Austin Addington shovels snow from the sidewalk at Simons and Associates on Main Street Wednesday morning.

  • Snow Day_0155

    Carlie Reyes, at left, throws a snowball at Erica Reyes in their backyard at the 1000 block of Fourth Street.

  • Snow Day_0084

    A horse with frost on its whiskers stands in a corral on East Castleberry Road.

  • Snow Day_0146

    The sign at Rapid Temps displays a temperature of eight degrees Tuesday night.

  • Snow Day_0064

    Snow-covered roads caused many motorists to drive with caution and avoid the roadways altogether.

  • Snow Day_0098

    A pecan orchard is covered in a blanket of snow.

  • Snow Day_0069

    Trees are silhouetted against the gray sky.

  • Snow Day_0059

    The field at Bulldog bowl is covered in snow.

  • Snow Day_0045

    Icicles hang from a bench at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

  • Snow Day_0039

    A drinking fountain at Martin Luther King Jr. Park is encased in ice.

  • Snow Day_0027

    Snow blankets the Trail Boss at the corner of First Street and Main Street.

  • Snow Day_0018

    The sign at First American Bank displays the temperature, three degrees, Wednesday morning.

  • Snow Day_0007

    A yucca is covered in snow showing that it does indeed snow in the desert.

  • Snow Day_0164

    A yucca is covered in snow showing that it does indeed snow in the desert.