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(Daily Press 1988 File Photo)

Looking back 40, 30 and 20 years ago, the following are excerpts from the Artesia Daily Press from July 9-15.

40 years ago
July 9-15, 1978

Depending on what action the city council chooses to take, Artesia may be without parking meters in the near future, with a smaller number of meters, or with the same number of meters it presently has, only with new ones. Police Chief Bobby Bishop and Capt. Ernest Chavez are gathering information concerning replacement cost of the meters, maintenance, cost, the number of meters in Artesia, and general sentiment amount the downtown businessmen regarding what should be done with he meters. There are 399 meters currently in place in the downtown area, with all but about 65 in operating condition, according to Bishop. He said from the preliminary figures he and Chavez gather, it would appear as though between 240 and 250 may need replacing.


As reported in the Pinon News: A crowd of family and a few friends of the family gathered at the Don Merritt ranch home for the Merritt annual family reunion. The family of J.F. and Ella Jane Merritt moved to the Pecos Valley in 1923 and from there to southwest of Pinon about 15 miles where they made their home for several years. Mr. and Mrs. Merritt had seven children and all seven were at the reunion. A family reunion at the Don Merritt ranch about 15 or 16 years ago nearly ended in a tragedy, as there were heavy rains west of the Merritt ranch and Lewis Merritt’s pickup was caught in a rise in Pinon Draw while crossing to return to his home and the pickup was washed down the canyon ruining it and nearly washing some of the family away. So when it started thundering in the west early in the afternoon Saturday, a number of persons left, but some remained until after 6 p.m.


In what some might call a political statement of sorts, the Artesia City Council voted 5-1 Tuesday not to block off part of Roselawn Street today for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bruce King. Voting not to close the street for King were Councilmen James Guy, Floyd Economides, Robert Briseno, Bill Russell and Fred Mermis. Voting to close the street was Councilman Cecil Hill.

30 years ago
July 9-15, 1988

As reported in the Pinon News: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott of Sacramento had a leak in their pipeline and so had no water in their home, so they went to Alamogordo Thursday last week to get new pipe for a new line. Henry Herrington with the help of Alton Daugherty put the line in for them.


Marielle Boneau of Artesia has been selected to attend “Stetsons and Spurs, Tomahawks and Tipis: An Oklahoma Powwow,” a Girl Scout National Opportunity. Miss Boneau, the daughter of Dave and Phyllis Boneau, will join 114 Girl Scouts from across the United States and from two foreign countries during the two-week event.


A total of 55 “terrors of trading” left Artesia shortly after 9 a.m. today on the 1988 Mountain Goodwill Trip. The annual trek through Hope, Pinon, Weed and Mayhill provides the opportunity for Artesia businessmen and businesswomen to become acquainted with the mountain residents and to encourage them to conduct their business in Artesia. The trip features a mid-morning snack in Hope, a buffet-style lunch in Pinon, a pie “pig-out” in weed and a barbecue in Mayhill.

20 years ago
July 9-15, 1998

Artesia Quarterback Club members Raye Miller, Rolando Chavarria, Jimmy Naylor and Mark Fiebig presented Artesia Bulldog head football coach Cooper Henderson with a check for $2,000 from the club to pay for aeration, sanding and conditioning of the football practice field that took place in June. In addition to purchasing the sprinkler system, the Quarterback Club has planted over 45 trees and 80 vines as well as the annual soil work since the creation of the practice field in the fall of 1993.


Eddie Kiper of Artesia, recently completed a six-week internship for U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici in Washington, D.C. During his internship, Kiper worked with Domenici’s personal staff researching legislative issues, working in the press office, assisting with constituent mail, answering phones and performing other administrative tasks. He also wrote a research paper on the current Senate crime bill. Kiper is a sociology and political science double major at Texas Tech University and intends to become an officer in the U.S. Navy and pursue a career in federal law enforcement.


Nikki Barley, of Hope, was selected to represent Eddy County as the Eddy County Fair Queen this year. Anessa Scott of Artesia, is the Queen’s runner-up. Other contestants were Taryan Crook, Marti Haider and Carrie Blount, all of Artesia. The contestants were judged by five judges who weighed the contestants by a written story, speech, application, and question-and-answer period. Barley is a 1998 grauduate of Artesia High School.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Looking Back was compiled by Daily Press Community Living Editor Teresa Lemon.)