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Monty Newman visits the Daily Press offices Thursday. (Teresa Lemon – Daily Press)

As Steve Pearce was making his way through southeastern New Mexico Thursday introducing the basics of his gubernatorial campaign, one of the hopefuls for his Second Congressional District seat was receiving news of a significant endorsement.

Monty Newman, former mayor of Hobbs, is one of four individuals in the running to replace Pearce in the U.S. House of Representatives, and he visited the Daily Press Thursday to introduce himself.

He had also been informed that same day of an endorsement from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

“I’m proud to endorse Monty Newman to be the next Congressman from New Mexico’s Second District,” Cruz said in a statement. “Monty has shown his commitment to work tirelessly to promote principles that reflect the values of the people of his district, and I urge the voters of the Second District to send him to Washington.”

Newman says he’s honored to have Cruz’s endorsement and looks forward to the chance to work with him on legislation “that will improve the lives of New Mexicans.”

“From bringing jobs to New Mexico and securing our border, to protecting our Second Amendment rights and the lives of the unborn, I am dedicated to fighting for the Conservative values that have made our nation the greatest on Earth,” Newman said.

Newman has been a resident of Hobbs since 1978 and served as its mayor from 2004-08. He’s owned and operated a small business in Hobbs for more than 30 years and was the state chair of the Republican Party in 2010-12. He also sat on the board of New Mexico Junior College for nine years, seven of those as chairman, and was a member of the board of trustees at University of the Southwest.

Newman says he made the decision to run for Pearce’s seat in August.

“I had run for this office before, in 2008,” he said. “When Steve decided to run for governor, (wife) Vicki and I had a long conversation, and I had conversations with a number of other friends and supporters about entering the race, and we decided to do so.”

Newman said he was pleased to hear the recent news that New Mexico has risen to third on the nation’s list of largest oil producers.

“I think it’s a great testament to the people in the Second Congressional District, and more along the lines of the southeastern part of New Mexico,” he said. “We’re a huge asset to the economy of the country, and that’s to the benefit of many people in Artesia and Hobbs, Roswell, Carlsbad, and all points in between.”

Newman says he first and foremost “believes in America” and has thrown his hat in the ring because he feels he can help lead the nation into prosperity.

“Everybody can talk about being pro this or pro that, but I’m pro America, and pro the people of America,” Newman said. “When you look at our history, regardless of the blemishes, we’ve been an industrious, forward-looking, aggressive and productive society, and that’s all because of the tenacity of the people that live here.

“This concept of one nation under God is, to me, an important issue. And I for one am running for Congress because I intend to advance that concept of liberty, personal responsibility, and free enterprise; if we get those right, we’re going to be an amazing place again.”