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The Lady Bulldog soccer team’s win Tuesday against Roswell High was significant for a number of reasons.

First, it was simply a win over Roswell High, a longtime District 4-AAAAA nemesis of Artesia’s. And in fact, it was the Lady ‘Dogs’ second of the season over the Lady Coyotes, going back to the Aug. 18-19 Goddard Invitational.

Second, it kept the girls in orange perfect thus far in district play at 2-0 with one first-round contest – Saturday versus Lovington – remaining.

And third, it put the Lady Bulldogs one victory away from sweeping the road portion of their D4 schedule.

Needless to say, that all adds up to a pretty successful evening in the Alien City.

The Artesia girls jumped out quickly against Roswell Tuesday, working diligently to control the tempo of the game.

“We were moving the ball well, and they were sitting back a little bit, not really letting us transition too much and kind of giving us the middle of the field to play around with,” head coach Tim Trentham said today. “But they eventually settled in a little bit and got into the flow of the game, and they turned it on us in the second part of the half and started dominating a little bit more.”

The Lady Coyotes began pushing the ball more into Artesia territory as the final 20 minutes of the opening half ticked away, but the Lady ‘Dog defense was able to keep the contest scoreless at the break.

“It was kind of an equal split in the half, with us taking the first part and them taking the second,” Trentham said. “I thought they had some better looks than we did. We had a couple of shooting opportunities, but I think they had nine corners in the half, so it was kind of frustrating for us to be giving away opportunities like that when we were playing pretty well defensively otherwise.”

Roswell High came out equally aggressive as the second half began.

“For about the first 15 minutes, they were kind of pinning us back a little bit,” said Trentham. “Then it went to being more back and forth in the middle of the half.”

It was there Artesia finally broke the seal, as Adrianna Baeza cleared a ball over the head of a Roswell defender, giving Elisa Cardenas a one-on-one opportunity with the Lady Coyotes’ final line of defense. She won, booting in what would turn out to be the game-winning goal.

And with the pressure on, Roswell High began desperately attempting to storm Artesia’s half of the field.

“In the last part of the half, (Roswell) just went into panic mode,” said Trentham. “We had one scary moment where Jackie (Govea) came out of goal and went to the ground for a save. They got the ball with an open net, but our defense was able to get it out and help us come away with the win.”

The victory bumps Artesia’s record to an impressive 12-4 on the season, 2-0 in D4, as they prepare to head to Lovington Saturday for a 1 p.m. game against the Lady Wildcats.

“We don’t know what to expect with Lovington at home,” said Trentham. “They play pretty hard there. Roswell 10-0’d them in Roswell, but they tied Goddard at their place, so it looks like they defend their home pretty well.

“It’ll be an intense game, but I was happy that Elisa got that goal for us last night, because she’s been kind of hit or miss lately. It’ll be good for her to have some extra confidence after that. We have three girls who can score, and they’ve been doing it all season. Sadi (Butler) got her confidence in district in the Goddard game, now Elisa got this one, so who knows, Saturday could be Zailor’s (Lopez) game. They seem to take turns. But either way, we’re in the driver’s seat now in district, and we kind of control our own destiny, especially if we can get out of Lovington with a win.”