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In the first part of his letter (ed: Tuesday, Sept. 19, edition), Mr. Kalka mentioned that state government was not allowed to grow, especially in our area. Where have you been sir?

State government balanced their budget on the backs of counties and schools. I think the operative word is “sweeping”. Those funds swept include E-911, fire funds, DWI prevention program, and the good ole Health Care Safety Net, to name a few. Estimated funding lost is approximately $10,000,000. Yes that is seven zeroes!

You mention the fiber optic cable. Standpoint Landfill is an important part of services rendered to the county. Carlsbad pays $700,000 in tipping fees a year while Artesia pays zero. Why would the county not want system connectivity with a vital department. Most see it as a dump. It is by far more than that complying with all the rules set forth by state and federal watch dog agencies as Sandpoint grows and opens new cells for solid waste handling for many years to come.

You referred to our county’s Finance Director. She was and is a tremendous acquisition to our county getting our county on one accounting software system, and bringing the county to a place where we have “Clean Audits”. She is a valuable part of our county’s staff that I hope we never lose.

Mr. Kalka is concerned about county growth. We did go through an explosive time of prosperity whereby we had money to spend on essential equipment, vehicles, and needed facilities. Grab a budget and look at all the cuts that have been made. If we sit on a pile of money, we will either be required to return it to the tax payer or risk more state “sweeping”.

We can save until hell freezes over and never have sufficient funding to really improve county roads due to the $200,000,000 price tag. So we can expect patch and repair from now on, provided the road department has the funds.

That’s why the county manager bureaucrat was pushing the 2/8 Hold Harmless GRT. It is a sensible way for county residents and visitors to pay the tab. As I close, I commend Kenney Rayroux on the job he does as assistant manager. Kenney knows more about Eddy County function than anyone else in our county. Rick, Kenney, and Roberta do a tremendous job on our county’s budget. Zero based balanced budgets year in and year out. Just a little perspective from a one and done has been.

Royce Pearson
Eddy County Resident