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Well, here we are in another school year, and the stoplight at 13th Street and Grand is still as screwy as ever.

13th stays green three times or more as long as Grand, which makes no sense because the two streets have about the same traffic and Grand probably has more during school.

If you’re not right behind the car in front of you going down Grand then get ready to throw on the brakes because the light only stays green long enough for one car to get through. So basically, unless everybody’s in a conga line, every car coming down Grand is going to have to stop individually? What kind of sense does that make?

But then again, even when everybody IS in a conga line, like when all the football players are leaving school to go to Bulldog Bowl in the afternoon, the Grand light STILL doesn’t stay green as long as 13th, meaning that line gets backed up further down Grand than it ever did before. The other day, I sat through four red lights before I finally got through.

And also, during the first week of school, I was behind two cars going west on Grand. We were all stopped there first. A few minutes later, a couple of cars pulled up to the light going east on Grand. Next thing we know, the light has turned green for them but not for us. And none of them were turning left. So I’m thinking it’s going to do that other dumb thing it does and turn green for the other side of Grand a few minutes after the other but does it? Nope. 13th turns green again and we’re still left sitting there. Ridiculous!

The lights need to stay green an equal amount of time, period. Grand doesn’t need to ALWAYS be the street that’s guaranteed to have to stop. It’s just as full of traffic as 13th. And you literally can’t get down Grand without stopping anymore unless you’re in a long line or you just fly through a yellow when you’ve had enough.

If one side of Grand or 13th puts up a green arrow for left turns, as soon as the cars have turned, it needs to turn green for both sides – and stay green longer than 10 seconds!!

I would rather have it go back to the way it was before, where both streets get the green for the same amount of time and it just turns red automatically on a timer without cameras getting to decide. Because guess what, they suck at it. If those cameras can’t see a car coming up 10 feet behind another in order to keep the light green, then what good are they.

Artesia City Council, fix this problem. I’m not the only one who’s sick of it. And for anybody who thinks it’s just whining over something not very important, well then I invite you to get in the car every day to drive my kids and my sister’s kids and my friends’ kids to their different schools. Having to slam on your brakes right in front of the intersection and then sit there forever while they’re all screaming and fighting in the backseat might make you mad, too.

Andreesa Solano