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An afternoon and evening of free music from some of the best Red Dirt Music has to offer, as well as some of its newest discoveries, will kick off at 2 p.m. Saturday in Heritage Plaza with Arizona-based Shari Rowe.

Rowe is an up-and-coming country music performer touring the country to promote her new singles. Her single “Southern Spells” was released to country radio in May following her successful release of “Take That Shot.” She has opened for Three Dog Night, Parmalee, Diamond Rio, Aaron Carter, Aaron Watson, Tracy Lawrence and Aaron Tippin.

Listeners will hear a bluegrass and country-infused sound from Rowe and her band when they take the stage Saturday during the Red Dirt Black Gold Festival in downtown Artesia.

In an interview with Rowe, who was born in New Jersey but raised in Arizona, she told the Daily Press she was raised on country music and “being from Arizona, growing up in the southwest, spending so much time outdoors, I’ve been greatly influenced by country music and the lifestyle in general, so it was just a natural place for me to land.

“Plus, country music… in so many ways, it’s about family, about faith, about stories, about living life, and so it was a pretty easy transition for me to make from Christian music to country.”

Rowe had performed contemporary Christian pop music with her sister and sister-in-
law prior to making the transition to country in 2013.

That year, she had her first official country release, which was a self-produced independent project, “Silly Boy,” which took top honors that year at the Independent Music Festival. Then in 2015, she signed with the Lamon Records out of Nashville. “And things have just really taken off from there,” Rowe said.

“We’re creating all the time,” she said, “and I would love to just put out everything that I’m writing, but I want to be able to do it in the best possible way to reach the most people. So we’re just really trying to take these singles and hit the road and play shows and really try to gain our audience base on one song at a time.”

When not touring, Rowe leads worship at church, camps with her family, and cooks Polish meals.

When asked what she would say to the people of Artesia to encourage them to come out and hear her music, Rowe said, “Regardless of the genre, if a song can be relatable and it can resonate with a person and touch you in your heart, and if you can connect with it and relate it to your own life, you’re gonna like a song. But I think country music is probably the best at doing that, and people should come on out, we’re excited to come to New Mexico; we’re going to put on a great show.

“We’ve got an exciting show lined up for everybody and a full band, and we’re excited to meet the fans and be a part of Red Dirt Black Gold. It’s going to be a good time.”