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An Artesia man is facing a variety of charges after traversing the community naked over the course of two days.

Artesia Police Department officers were dispatched just after 5 a.m. Friday to Artesia General Hospital in reference to a male individual running around naked.

The subject, later identified as Cesar Jimenez, 38, a transient individual, had been admitted to AGH Thursday after an initial instance of indecent exposure.

On that day, police were dispatched around 5:20 p.m. to the area of Fifth Street and Richey Avenue in reference to a naked male walking eastbound on Richey.

Officers immediately recognized Jimenez, as they had made contact with him just one hour earlier in reference to his drinking of rubbing alcohol. He was seated on the sidewalk along Richey naked and occasionally sniffing a sock, onto which he was pouring rubbing alcohol.

After officers took the sock from him, Jimenez took a drink from the alcohol bottle before officers also took custody of that item. Officers located his clothing at the intersection of Seventh Street and Richey and transported him back to AGH.

While still admitted to AGH Friday, Jimenez elected to once again shed his garments and run around the hospital, including a trip through the waiting room. Officers located him in his original room, still bare, and ordered him several times to put on his clothes before he complied.

Jimenez was subsequently discharged from AGH and transported by police to Victory Life Fellowship, where he said he was staying. He was dropped off there at 5:39 a.m.; by 5:53 a.m., officers were called back to the location in reference to Jimenez, who was once again nude and behaving belligerently.

Jimenez was subsequently placed under arrest for indecent exposure with a mental evaluation needed prior to booking. After being placed inside a patrol unit, he began to yell, and when officers opened the door to check on him, he attempted to exit.

When officers attempted to move him back inside, Jimenez reportedly continued to resist and began screaming and growling. A leverage takedown put Jimenez on his stomach on the ground until he calmed, at which time he was placed back into the vehicle and transported to AGH for medical evaluation. Following clearance, he was transported to the Artesia Detention Center.

A warrant for Jimenez’s arrest after his admittance to AGH Thursday had been issued on charges of indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and abuse or possession for abuse of glue or aerosol spray. Following his subsequent activities Friday, two additional counts of indecent exposure, a second count of disorderly conduct, and resisting, evading or obstructing an officer were added.

Jimenez was arraigned Monday morning in Artesia Magistrate Court, and his charges were transferred to district court for forensic evaluation testing.