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Double D Animal Nutrition and Supply owner Don Spearman. (Teresa Lemon - Daily Press)

Double D Animal Nutrition and Supply owner Don Spearman. (Teresa Lemon – Daily Press)

“We provide animal food and sometimes we provide food for thought,” says owner Don Spearman.

Customer service, some would say, comes naturally when you are doing what you love to do, and it is evident with every visit to Double D Animal Nutrition and Supply that Spearman and his son Dustin, along with Sara Langenegger and Alex Montes, love to sell feed and tell stories. You don’t leave the feed store without a new story if they can help it.

“I do this because I enjoy it, and I enjoy the people that come here, and I enjoy this line of work,” Don says. “I would like to think that we treat people like we would like to be treated.”

The sign above the counter is still there, reading “Feed, bought and sold, lies and stories, swapped and told.”

The Spearmans have been in the feed store business in Artesia for almost 14 years now, and their plans haven’t changed from the day they opened. That is to continue to serve the needs of Artesians who both depend upon and care about their animals for as long as they are able.

“As hard as it is to deal with the public, it is interesting to deal with people who own animals because they all have a story,” Don says. “All of them relate to their grandfather, their father, their mother. So everyone that comes into the store has something in common with us – we all want to take care of animals. They come here to buy feed, and we can share stories about animals. They want to take care of their animals, and that’s the same thing we want. Everybody has a story.

Sara Langenegger helps a customer inside the feed and supply store. (Teresa Lemon - Daily Press)

Sara Langenegger helps a customer inside the feed and supply store. (Teresa Lemon – Daily Press)

“When you feel like you have helped somebody and they come back or call to say it worked or they need something different or whatever, then it’s all just a great big day of enjoyment.”

When talking with Dustin, you can easily tell he is his father’s son.

“We have the best customer service because we are just friendly people,” he says.

Dustin learned to like to talk to the customers when he was at the store by himself in the early days. He said he would get lonely and would catch himself walking the customer all the way to the truck, not wanting them to leave.

When asked if she had ever met a customer she just couldn’t talk to, Langenegger says, “I met one that threw me out of the back of the truck and smashed me, but I can still talk to him.”

She feels being voted Best Customer Service in Artesia is “quite an honor.”

“I try to treat everyone who walks in the door like I would want my mother treated,” Langenegger says.

She has a vast knowledge of animals and animal science, with her bachelor’s degree in agriculture and minors in agricultural communications, agricultural marketing, and animal science. Spearman says she has been a great addition to the feed store team.

Langenegger, in turn, says Montes “does a wonderful job, as well, and we are especially grateful for him as well as his ability to communicate with our Spanish-speaking customers.

“Everybody from every walk of life has a story, something unique to them, and they all have something to bring to the table. And you can learn something from every one of them, and I want to walk away from each day knowing that I did.”

“Our plan of the day, each and every day, is to see who comes in the door and see how we can help them get what they need,” Don says.