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I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for this election to be over with. I could have voted yesterday, nothing anyone says will change my mind on who I am voting for. Our news has become, “What if?” What if he says that and she does this? The news coverage is all about slinging mud and never about policy. Both candidates are guilty of putting their foot in their mouth. Please, end the pain and let it be over.

I have to admit I’m a radical, I’m voting for Trump. A new friend of mine, who is a radical Democrat, was bent on changing my mind. It was almost humorous. According to her, every ill in the world is the result of “big money.” Trump is no good because he talks dirty. He’s a kitty cat (imagine the dirty word) compared to what’s said around my house. He needs to come by for lessons. So I answered my friend with, “At least he didn’t rape anybody like Bill Clinton.” Oh no, that was all consensual sex. We just have to agree to disagree. “And the winner will be… whoever’s followers get off the couch and vote.”

I propose a new party or drastically changing one of them. Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t marry a gay person. Leave the other folks alone. Those of us that have been married numerous times (yes, I like being married, have done it a lot) need to not give relationship advice. If you’re gay and someone refuses to make you a wedding cake (silly, if it was a fifth wedding, they’d make it), get over it. In other countries, you’d get beheaded.

Don’t believe in abortion? Don’t get one. Now I personally don’t believe in abortion. I know of folks who have had an incestuous beginning, and they have had a wonderful, envious life. I personally believe that any woman who even thinks of abortion as an option in her life, has enough problems, she certainly doesn’t need condemnation from anyone. If you truly do not believe in abortion, you need to get out your wallet and extend a helping hand. Your life, your choice, my life, my choice.

Now here’s one dear to my heart. Don’t believe in guns? Don’t buy one, also, don’t hire armed folks to protect you. Don’t believe in using coal or oil? Not a problem, don’t buy it. By the way, my friend that is a Democrat, is living on inherited oil money. Some things you just can’t understand. Go vote.

Kathy Kolt