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A few months ago I read on my smart phone that scientists have predicted that by seven hundred years from now our earth will have moved so close to the (planet) sun that our atmosphere will be too hot for all of earth’s species. That when further in time this planet earth will move so close to the sun it will be burnt up completely.

This 2016 summer here in the United States has seen a hotter summer than ever before. By 2716 it shall be 700 years from now. And now we are in the twentieth century already. Maybe we had better take seriously those predictions in the Bible about its lake of fire. Also our present day global warming, too.

On the morning of July 31, I woke up very early. My clock on the wall read six o’clock AM. I woke up at this time, and I always look out my northern window – past the distant homes of the Bells and the Horners and further on to the distant cap rock, which created a horizon for my view. I could always depend upon seeing the first sunrise of dawn glaring over the horizon of the cap rock there. That morning I viewed a sight that was absolutely incredible.

A brilliant orange globe of a gigantic size slowly rose over the top of that cap rock. The daylight had not yet appeared, and would not until 15 minutes later at 6:15. The outline of that orange globe told me this was a planet hovering in space so close to our earth northeast of it. And so close to our earth. The lower outline of the orange globe had a bluish light coming from it. And it appeared to be bumping right up against our earth, too. Maybe not. But for sure, that gigantic orange ball I was looking at could clearly be seen as a planet that was hovering out in space very, very close to the northeast of our earth. I saw all this happening from my north window 15 minutes before daylight finally came on to fire the sky. That orange planet was our sun. Then it disappeared up high and daylight was by then everywhere.

Surely, early-risers like the Bells and the Horners would have seen the huge orange globe, too. Did they? If they did, they would have to agree with me that our sun is a planet that is too close to our earth. I’ve tried to rise a few mornings to see that planet again, but I slept too late and missed the occasion.

It’s not a rare sight to observe the full globe of the moon, but the moon looks further out in space – and much smaller in size than the orange globe I saw from my window that appeared to be hanging in space right next to our earth. Our summers have become hotter, each summer all over the United States and Europe. You have to realize that global warming is not going to go away. And those Bible predictions might be true.

Today at our Senior MealSite, Beth Daye told me that many years ago she and a friend were on their way home from northeast Roswell late at night when they encountered many automobiles turning off the highway, so they followed them. Beth said she saw, along with all those cars, the same thing I have just written about. She said it appeared to be coming right at them. Also that it acted exactly like I have just written about. And it was in the same place.

So, dear editor, I can believe that everyone can see this natural phenomenon if they are early-risers, too.

Jackie Blessing