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(Brienne Green - Daily Press)

(Brienne Green – Daily Press)

Agents with the Pecos Valley Drug Task Force, the Eddy County Sheriff’s Office, and other area law enforcement executed four search warrants Tuesday evening on three businesses in Carlsbad and one in Artesia suspected of distribution of drug paraphernalia.

The task force secured the scene at Adult Video near the Hagerman Cutoff in Artesia just after 7 p.m. Tuesday and began execution of the local warrant, which called for the seizure of paraphernalia items such as pipes, scales, grinders, roach clips, and concealment products.

Agents and officers in Carlsbad were simultaneously executing warrants on Looking Glass, Twisted Roots and T’s Vaporium.

A selection of glass pipes found at the Adult Video in Artesia. (Photo Courtesy PVDTF)

A selection of glass pipes found at the Adult Video in Artesia. (Photo Courtesy PVDTF)

The PVDTF, which was assisted in the operation by the ECSO, Carlsbad Police Department, Lea County Drug Task Force, Chaves County Metro Narcotics Force, and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), reported more than $500,000 in paraphernalia was seized between the four shops, including glass pipes, metal pipes, scales and grinders.

The agencies also stressed the importance of cracking down on head shops as part of the broader battle to keep illegal drugs out of Eddy County communities.

“When you look at the big picture, this is part of it,” PVDTF Cmdr. James McCormick said today. “This paraphernalia is what they use to smoke meth and crack, and this is just another part of the attack on drug sales and drug use.

“A lot of times, these items wind up in the hands of juveniles and young adults.”

ECSO Deputy Sheriff Mark Cage said that while Tuesday’s searches marked the end of what had been an ongoing operation by the involved agencies, it is by no means the end of such efforts by law enforcement.

Paraphernalia seized from Looking Glass in Carlsbad. (Photo Courtesy PVDTF)

Paraphernalia seized from Looking Glass in Carlsbad. (Photo Courtesy PVDTF)

“It may seem like a small dent, but the drug paraphernalia that was seized is paraphernalia that’s used for methamphetamine, for cocaine, for whatever else, and getting that out of our community is just a good step in the right direction to getting everything cleaned up,” Cage said. “I’m just real proud of the folks that were involved. They did a good job, the operation went off very smoothly, and it was just a great effort all around.”

The investigation into activities at the Adult Video and Carlsbad locations is ongoing, and anyone with information is urged to contact the PVDTF at 575-887-5194 or via its Facebook page, facebook.com/pvdtf.

The PVDTF is comprised of officers with the ECSO and Carlsbad and Artesia Police Departments and is part of the HIDTA Region VI Drug Task Force.