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Election time is getting close! While I have been out helping Royce distribute his signs and magnetic bumper stickers, I have been reflecting on the job he has done as county commissioner, District 2.

Royce accepted the office with many projects already in motion and has been fortunate to see them completed. The new Eddy County Sheriff’s Complex was started by the previous commission and finished by Royce and his colleagues. It is a facility that was sorely needed and a facility that we can all be very proud of.

The county had the resources available to purchase much-needed equipment for the road departments, along with new buildings that were desperately needed for the north and south road yards. There were upgrades and remodeling done at the administration offices in Carlsbad, along with a warehouse that will also be well-utilized by the county. The previous commission traded land with the City of Artesia and built a beautiful new building in Artesia that now houses the DMV, treasurer’s office, assessor’s office, and clerk’s office.

Royce, since he was sworn in, has approved three balanced budgets. He is in touch with the growth necessary for the people of Eddy County.

The new commission started with a boom! The first big issue that hit my husband was the unrest of the volunteer fire departments. Royce would take many calls and attend many meetings until the issue was resolved with the best possible answer for those involved. Shortly thereafter, we were hit with the unannounced, unexpected immigrants at the FLETC complex. Royce, from the moment HE knew anything, tried to keep the people of Artesia and Eddy County informed. He is transparent, open and honest with the people of Eddy County.

When the issue of the hold harmless sales tax came to light, Royce again was in the middle of controversy. Royce received all calls day and night with an open ear. When the time came to vote, he voted according to the majority of his constituents and voted NO. He listens and responds to the people of Eddy County.

His first term on the commission has seen two major floods and the Goliath snowstorm. With each of these disasters, he was out with road departments, on the phone all during the night and day with disaster teams and rescue teams, getting things done for the people to help them out of a bind. Royce worked with the Eddy County Fair Board providing a place for the SKP residents to stay during the floods and considers it a blessing to be a “doer.” He is hands-on for the people of Eddy County.

Royce has lived in Artesia his whole life, except for the years away at college. He is supportive of youth activities every chance he gets, either by fundraising or attending events. He served on the city council for 10 years and has been involved in numerous organizations. The one thing we enjoy doing the most together is Kairos Prison Ministry. He loves and supports the people of Eddy County.

Royce has almost finished his first term of office, and I feel he has served the county well. I would like to see him serve another term. I’m proud of my husband, and you could say I’m partial, but I have also had a front-row seat to the hours of dedication he has shown to his position as your Eddy County commissioner.

Describe Royce in a short sentence. Well, I would say Royce is homegrown, Bulldog proud, and heaven bound.

First and foremost, please remember to vote. And please give Royce Pearson the opportunity to serve another four years as your Eddy County commissioner, District 2. He has been and will be there for you.

Robbie Pearson