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Henry Hall rests on the trunk of a tree that was toppled by high winds Tuesday at his farm north of Artesia. Hall planted the tree in 1948. The tree missed his house and a camp trailer but knocked down a fence. (Daily Press File Photo)

Henry Hall rests on the trunk of a tree that was toppled by high winds Tuesday at his farm north of Artesia. Hall planted the tree in 1948. The tree missed his house and a camp trailer but knocked down a fence. (Daily Press File Photo)

Looking back 40, 30 and 20 years ago, the following are excerpts from the Artesia Daily Press from August 16-22.

40 years ago Aug. 16‐22, 1975

Eighty-two Eddy County Junior Livestock Show animals traveled through a Saturdaymorning auction ring and sold for a total of $41,438.90, a figure nearly matching the 1974 all-time record sale total of $41,798.25.

— Madlin Cauhape of the F.V. Cauhape ranch at Hope won the Grand Champion award with her one-half-blood ewe fleece during the recent New Mexico Wool Show. The show was held in conjunction with the sheep and wool school held at New Mexico State University.

— As reported in the Pinon News: The Otero County Road crew has been hauling road surface in the Avis and Weed areas the past few days. Many of the ranchers and farmers are proud to see this work being done, as it is nearly impossible to get to many of their homes in wet weather.

— Shawna Elkins, 11-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Elkins of Pinon, entered a steer in the Eddy County Junior Livestock Show for the first time this year, and on her first try, her whiteface was judged Grand Champion of the show.

— Michele Weldon Troublefield, Kenneth Lee Harcrow and Debbie Kay Loyd have been named Prep Athletes of the Year by Coach and Athlete magazine. Harcrow last spring was the top hurdler on the Bulldog track team, Troublefield was a standout relay and field events participant for the AHS girls’ team last spring, and Loyd put her speed to good use as a member of the AHS girls’ 440 relay team.

30 years ago Aug. 16‐22, 1985

Sales during the 1985 Eddy County Junior Livestock Show Saturday reached a total of $93,122, an increase of $3,664 over sales in last year’s show. Costs to buyers, packer bids, non-sale and add-ons for individuals were included in the total. A total of 103 steers, hogs, rabbits, broilers and lambs were shown and sold to the highest bidders.

— If you walked into Bulldog Bowl to watch the AHS football team going through preseason workouts this past week, you probably asked yourself one question: “Where’s the rest of the team?” There aint ‘one. That’s it. All of it. Bulldog Coach T.W. Harvey admits that’s one of the main problems facing his 1985 squad as it completes a week of three-a-day workouts. “We’re so few in number,” he says. “This is the smallest turnout we’ve had since 1970. We just have fewer out for football, and that’s a trend all over, I guess, because kids are into other things they want to do.”

— As reported in the Pinon News: Mrs. Charlotte Gage reported Saturday was a case of the blind leading the blind, as she had an inner ear infection and staggered until she could scarcely walk, then Saturday morning her son, Fred, awoke with sick stomach and vomiting, but someone had to work in the store, so she was elected. Mike Stringfield and son, Steve, from Alamogordo came to the Basil Holcomb ranch and rode Saturday afternoon, hunting calves to brand, but failed to find any.

— The Artesia Police Department has broken a bicycle theft ring involving five juveniles between the ages of nine and 14 and expects to crack another, officials said today. Detective Sgt. Harry Wesson said Monday afternoon the ring(s) may have been in action since early summer. He said that Patrolman Richard Martinez “came upon information that led officers to the bikes” found at residences throughout the city.

— Artesia’s Ty Bean took second in his first-round heat in the junior division at the All-American Soap Box Derby earlier this month in Akron, Ohio. He didn’t qualify to go any farther as the early heats were single elimination. Bean represented New Mexico in Akron after winning the junior division title of the 1985 West Texas-New Mexico Soap Box Derby in Carlsbad in July. 20 years ago Aug. 16‐22, 1995 Windy weather brought down almost 50 years of growth north of Artesia as a huge elm tree toppled to the ground at Henry Hall’s farm. Hall, 89, planted elm trees around his farm house in 1948. Most of the stately trees still provide shade to his home on North 26th Street, about a mile north of U.S. 285.

— Former Artesia Police Chief James T. Mackenzie is remembered as an outgoing person who worked to better organize the police department during his six-year tenure. MacKenzie, 58, died Thursday night at Artesia General Hospital. “I think he did a good job as chief of police,”

said May Ernest Thompson, who received many favorable comments about MacKenzie when he was hired as police chief. MacKenzie had spent 27 years on the Albuquerque police force, leaving as a lieutenant to come to Artesia in July 1984.

— As reported in the Pinon News: Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Gabaldon were working cattle on the McGregor Range recently. They had moved some cattle and were putting them in a watering corral, and a cow charged her horse, and it scared him and he whirled. She lost a stirrup and began “pitching.” She could not regain control of her horse. It was Rudy’s pet saddle horse and Mrs. Gabaldon, Derlene, was thrown. It knocked the breath out of her, and Rudy ran to her and gave her first aid; and she was soon all right. She was able to help the Prather family work sheep the next day. However, she suffered several rather bad bruises. Derlene is a good “horseman,” and she does a good job of handling her horse; but it was just one of those things that happened to most ranchers sooner or later. Thanks to the person that reported it for the Pinon News! Mr. and Mrs. Tex Gililland of Pinon painted their home in Pinon the last of the week, and it certainly looks nice. It can scarcely be recognized now.

— A good-sized crowd of Bulldog football fans watched Artesia’s 1995 varsity team Thursday as the Bulldogs hosted NMMI in a controlled scrimmage. Laden with hamburgers cooked by the Artesia Quarterback Club, spectators, watched the Colts emerge with a 3-2 edge in touchdowns. Artesia opens the season at home Aug. 25 against Ruidoso. The Bulldog sophomores also scrimmaged Capitan’s varsity Thursday.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Looking Back is compiled each week by Daily Press Community Living Editor Teresa Lemon.)