• Somethings A Foot_0020

    Lady Grace Manley-Prowe, played by Christine Swafford, exits the limosine and greets fans as she makes her way to the stage.

  • Somethings A Foot_0005

    Miss Tweed, played by Laney Rountree, answers a few questions for a faux reporter during the red-carpet arrival that preceeded the opening of the Artesia Community Theatre’s production of “Something’s Afoot” at the Ocotillo Performing Arts Center Thursday afternoon.

  • Somethings A Foot_0056

    Lettie discovers Flint under the dust covers in the opening scene.

  • Somethings A Foot_0075

    Members of the cast perform “Something’s Afoot.”

  • Somethings A Foot_0082

    Lady Grace Manley-Prowe and Miss Tweed perform “Carry On” to bolster Lady Grace’s courage.

  • Somethings A Foot_0095

    Miss Tweed, Lettie and Lady Grace capture an unexpected guest, Geoffrey.

  • Somethings A Foot_0102

    Lettie discovers a gun.

  • Somethings A Foot_0109

    Nigel threatens to shoot Geoffrey.

  • Somethings A Foot_0116

    Cast members test telephones to call for help.

  • Somethings A Foot_0134

    The cast accuses Miss Tweed.

  • Somethings A Foot_0156

    Flint and Lettie perform “Dingy.”

  • Somethings A Foot_0164

    Lettie finds a heap of money.

  • Somethings A Foot_0175

    Geoffrey poses for Miss Tweed.

  • Somethings A Foot_0177

    Miss Tweed paints Geoffrey.

  • Somethings A Foot_0182

    Hope Langdon threatens Geoffrey.

  • Somethings A Foot_0187

    The cast takes a bow. From left to right are Flint (Johnny Shuman), Nigel Rancour (Chris Smith), Clive (Jess Briggs), Hope Langdon(Debbie Brown), Geoffrey (Nathan Mojica), Col. Gillweather (Kirk Daniel), Mystery Guest (Houston Branch), Miss Tweed (Laney Rountree), Lady Grace Manley-Prowe (Christine Swafford), Lettie (Melanie Dippel) and Dr. Grayburn (Dave Boneau). Tyler Green photos